Charter fisherman catches kilo of cocaine off Miami coast

Charter fisherman catches kilo of cocaine off Miami coast

Miami fisherman Mark Quartiano takes pride in his ability to catch sharks, but on Wednesday he reeled in something else entirely: cocaine.

He thinks the package had been in the water for a few weeks, as it had barnacles on it. Further inspection revealed it to be a kilo of cocaine.

"Lo and behold, it was one of those square grouper", Quartiano joked to WPLG-TV.

Quartiano is described by Miami New Times as a "love-him-or-hate-him shark fisherman" who "delights in rankling conservationists".

This wasn't the first time Quartiano has found contraband out on the high seas.

When we called them this afternoon, a Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed the incident, but told us they had closed their investigation and turned it over to US Customs and Border Protection.

Mark the Shark noted that he called the Coast Guard following the discovery.

"Only in Miami", he told news station WFLA. "So it was kind of easy to assume what we were able to come across, and it was a pretty surreal experience for sure".