Steve Harvey Won't Attending Trump's Inauguration Because Marjorie Said 'No'

Steve Harvey Won't Attending Trump's Inauguration Because Marjorie Said 'No'

There's a lot to keep straight here, so try to bear with us.

Tip warned both entertainers that there's obviously a hidden agenda behind Trump's meetings. "There is a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of", the hip-hop star began. Be aware. Be alert. And you might not know it. Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting - no matter how positive you feel the outcome may be - without understanding that people have a very "Willie Lynch' agenda". Trump is doing exactly that, T.I. claims, by aligning himself with hate groups and meeting with black celebrities to get his words a seeming co-sign.

The Live Your Life rapper has also addressed Trump in an open letter published by on Friday, in which he wrote, "Should it ever at times seem as though we are against you (Trump), I assure you it's a result of you defining yourself as the representative for those who are and who always have been against us". "He's their representative", Tip says, before adding that he wants young people to understand that he's not okay with it, which is why he chose to say something. "They listen to his music". "I get the adverse feelings ppl had to Steve calling him a good guy but the motivation to go and attempt positive change at the source I get, that chance has to be taken. Well, that's a little sinister. In comments to reporters immediately following the meeting, Harvey said he discussed urban development with a "really sincere" Trump. Well, who speaks to the black women? He's not a politician so take all that.... and trust that Steve will do what he has done consistently since I've met him". "He'll smile. They'll fall right in line".

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T.I.'s final declaration? "All y'all looking insane right now!"