Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2017: Who Does Nick Choose?

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2017: Who Does Nick Choose?

When the dust settles and the roses are all given out, two heartbroken women are sent home.

According to the synopsis, Nick and the remaining contestants are going to play New Orleans a little visit, and this season's bachelor gets to pick one girl to go with him on a date. However, the internet has known who Nick Viall's victor and a final rose recipient is for months now, thanks to Reality Steve's "Bachelor' 2017 spoilers".

Another week of The Bachelor Season 21 is here and we still have eliminations to take care of from last week since it was all about that fight between Corinne and Taylor, but we wrap that up and move things on to New Orleans on The Bachelor 2017, but who goes home tonight on The Bachelor 2017?

Source   dmmaltby on Instagram
Source dmmaltby on Instagram

For the two-on-one date, two arch rivals are apparently going to battle it out for Nick's heart at NOLA's mystical bayou. "While the women on "The Bachelor" despise Corinne Olympios" sneaky seduction tactics, she seems to be making quite an impression on Nick Viall, and he's made it pretty clear he has no intention of sending her home anytime soon.

Tonight's episode of "The Bachelor" is just about upon us, and there are some very big things that you can expect to see on the two-on-one date coming up. "Taylor comes back at end of night to bitch him out about giving Corinne a rose over her", noted Reality Steve. By the end of the ceremony, two girls are sent packing.

"The Bachelor" season 21 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.