George heading to Thunder, Griffin stays with Clippers

George heading to Thunder, Griffin stays with Clippers

The Pacers, according to ESPN, sent him to Oklahoma City for guard Victor Oladipo and forward Domantas Sabonis.

The trade momentarily takes George off the market, after he told the Pacers he didn't want to return to IN after his contract was up next summer. It appears Ainge tried to push his chips to the center of the table in an attempt to trade for Paul George.

Rumors are the Boston Celtics were stunned to hear of the trade as they were preparing to set up a trade with IN for George. Horford is already 31, with three years left on his deal, including a $31 million player option for his age-34 season. I refuse to buy the silliness about the Pacers not wanting to deal George to a team in the East - uh, he's going West to the Lakers next year anyway.

Westbrook is coming off an MVP season for the Thunder and is the face of the franchise in the wake of Kevin Duran'ts departure last summer. Westbrook led the team in points, rebounds and assists per game, but that was only good enough for one win the first round of the playoffs. But the reason why the Thunder won big with this trade is the fact that they didn't have to mortgage their future.

Cavaliers: Team to make offer to keep Kyle Korver CLEVELAND - Unable to chase any high-profile free agents, the Cavaliers want to retain one of their own. The club is trying to show a commitment to Russell Westbrook, who can also opt out next year and who they're trying to woo with a longer-term deal. Put Enes Kanter and Steven Adams and the Thunder have something solid to work with as a Western Conference contender.

What no one outside of George's camp knows is whether he can be persuaded to re-sign with the Thunder, or how deep OKC would have to advance in the playoffs to make staying in a smaller, non-coastal market appealing to him. Can Celtics fans talk themselves into him being the difference on a team that looked totally overpowered by the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals?

The NBA free agency period opens in just over two hours. However, at this point, I don't even think we can classify the Thunder as a super team because they still lack depth. Surprisingly, Oklahoma City was rarely mentioned in those rumors, but now the Thunder have come away as the winners, at least for a season it seems.