Questions Surround the British Grand Prix — Slipstream Saturday

Questions Surround the British Grand Prix — Slipstream Saturday

Hence, the calendar has frequently been one of shifting venues. His ruthless business sense frustrated fans and pushed tracks off the schedule but always kept the sport wealthy. "It was absolutely fantastic". Their decision to break the contract could be seen coming, even as the British GP enjoys favorable attendance. Now that would truly be a sight.

"We have a luxury of time. I just related to the fans which I have embraced my whole life and it was fantastic to do something for them".

Prior to Liberty Media's takeover earlier this year, Formula One Management had made a concerted effort to remove fan videos from social media channels in order to protect the television rights held by F1's broadcasters.

- At a time when British motorsport enthusiasts seemed to need his backing and support, Lewis Hamilton was the one driver who failed to show up to the F1 London street demo.

Yet Hamilton was, curiously, getting ready for this week's Greece.

"He should have been there".

His teammate Felipe Massa said: "It's going to be a very important weekend for Williams". A quick note: if his focus is on the BGP as stated, then one might wonder if the travel time of roughly eight hours total helped him to do such. The company is under increasing pressure from social media competitors and infamous function copycats Instagram and Facebook, and it has become the stuff of memes to refer to the number of social media channels releasing Our Stories-type functionality. All that being said, as of 2014 Formula 1 had 425 million global viewers and Snapchat currently has around 166 million daily active users.

"You look at the average of sports viewers on TV, and it's about 40-50".

City A.M. reports that the people behind the London GP were those who lost out to Premier League football club West Ham United in the bidding race for the use of the Olympic Stadium in 2012.

"We are committed to having a British Grand Prix". He also has been supplying the chassis for the Formula E series as the sport began with, in many ways, uniform autos. For Formula 1 the deal follows a trend developing its multi-platform viewing along with a firm step into social media in a strategic attempt to market their product to tech savvy millennials. Chuckle, but the details here don't really matter. The track is absolutely incredible with these new cars. It's 3.66 miles in length, high speed, and features 18 turns. "We have an agreement with Silverstone for three more years", he said.

The race can be seen on CNBC, July 16 at 8:00 EST.