UN Chief Guterres Calls for National Dialogue to End Venezuela Crisis

UN Chief Guterres Calls for National Dialogue to End Venezuela Crisis

Perez spoke briefly to journalists at a Thursday night vigil to honour the more than 90 people killed during three months of demonstrations against Venezuela's government. MUD calls for a boycott, saying the election is unconstitutional and rigged.

"We are moving towards a Constituent Assembly to save the nation from attacks by fascists, imperialists and violence", he said. Then, he flew over Caracas, launched four grenades at the TSJ and fired 15 shots at the Interior Ministry headquarters, according to a Venezuelan government statement.

Ms. Sarfatti, a mother of two originally from Caracas who lives in Toronto, hopes Sunday's vote will also indicate to governments around the world that further political intervention is needed in her home country.

Organizers of Sunday's vote are hoping that if they can get millions of people to reject the deal, the government might be persuaded to drop its plans.

Washington has sought to replace the Venezuelan government since 1998 when Hugo Chávez was elected president. The plebiscite will have a group of university deans to ensure its transparency.

As the protests reached fever pitch in June, the opposition said the government should no longer be recognized, citing a constitutional clause allowing for the rejection of authoritarian regimes.

The opposition-led National Assembly is organising a symbolic vote on embattled President Nicolas Maduro´s bid to hold a July 30 election for a new assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution.

During a speech marking the end of the Cuban Congress's extraordinary session, Castro condemned the opposition violence initiated in April on the streets of Caracas and other cities as "fascists actions".

The Venezuelan state prosecutor's office on Friday called for the conditional release of a U.S. citizen held on weapons charges for more than a year, citing delays in his trial.

Maduro and his supporters say Sunday's referendum is illegitimate. Civilians accused of a crime or an illegal act should appear before a civilian court, ” Ms. Throssel said, urging all those who have been arbitrarily detained to be released. Opposition demonstrators with their faces covered routinely throw Molotov cocktails and fire homemade mortars at police and National Guard sent to break up the protests.

He also wants more control over social programs, food distribution and price controls to rein in inflation - which the International Monetary Fund estimates will be 720% this year.

Authorities at the time of Holt's arrest suggested he was linked to a U.S. -backed conspiracy to oust Maduro. Tens of thousands of Cuban internationalist doctors, nurses and teachers have volunteered to provide low cost medical care and literacy programs, often in the poorest and hardest to reach parts of the Venezuelan countryside.

Venezuela is "in a war of attrition", he said.