Apple iPhone 8 models offer A11 SoC, new cameras, Qi charging

Apple iPhone 8 models offer A11 SoC, new cameras, Qi charging

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be made available in silver, black, and gold with a choice of 64GB or 256GB of storage.

The 'Super Retina display', as Apple have catchily named it, has a drastically increased 2K resolution, supports HDR video content (Netflix on the commute just got better), but obviously has lost the Home Button. "Regarding F18 (full year 2018), iPhone pricing was a bit higher than we expected; the company is pushing the envelope likely in the belief that its innovation warrants higher prices", UBS said. If you missed out on the Apple Event yesterday, here's a quick digest of top features of the iPhone X. But the star attraction remained the iPhone X. Estimate the trade-in value of your device online. The store will sell the usual Apple products and accessories, along with custom shirts bearing the circular logo of Apple Park's main building for $40. The largest improvement to these smartphones is probably the inclusion of the new A11 Bionic SoC, as featured in the iPhone X. Both the efficiency and performance cores are quite a lot faster than in the previous A10, and it's a hexacore processor this time too. After Tuesday's presentation, the center of the building opened up to reveal a demo area where people could try out the new devices.

"Although the new iPhone is seen as the future of the smartphone, with its augmented reality feature, its price tag will certainly be a drag on its accessibility to a large pallet of consumers, especially when it comes to the biggest growth potential markets such as emerging Asia", said Ipek Ozkardeskaya, senior market analyst at London Capital Group.

Cameras vary between the two iPhone 8 models. The aim was to design a device that could "respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance", and it seems Apple has gotten this right. We're sharing the best iPhone X features that you will use daily and the iPhone X features you will hate - at least for the first month until you get used to some of the things missing from the iPhone X.

Reservations about your phone struggling to recognise you without makeup aside, the technology allows your phone to create a unique 3D map of your face and then use that to log you in is pretty cool. Short interest has increased by about 1% for the year to date.

Apple iPhone 8: What is it?

WatchOS 4 will feature an enhanced heart rate app. The updated featured will notify users when it detects an elevated heart rate specifically when you're not active.

We can sensibly anticipate that a bigger battery will show up in the iPhone 8 Plus, as Apple endeavors to react to the feedback of the lifecycle of its gadgets. Apple claims this provides twice the CPU and four times the GPU power compared to its predecessor.

There is no proof that Apple plans to reestablish the earphone jack in the iPhone 8 era.