Florida residents wonder how bad Hurricane Irma will be

Florida residents wonder how bad Hurricane Irma will be

Meanwhile, some projections have Irma maintaining hurricane strength as she passes the length of Florida and into Georgia.

On Florida's west coast, Charley Ball said he expected a storm surge to engulf the entire island of Sanibel, an affluent community where he lives and operates a painting company.

Irma is already uprooting trees and turning streets into rivers.

Maximum sustained winds stayed at around 125 mph (201 kph), the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said. "Their room was the best one". Even areas that didn't face a direct hit from Irma saw flooding and downed power lines. This is our home, nobody drives us out of our own territory. He led FIU in tackles, and the Panthers held off Alcorn State 17-10. But as the storm neared, some Floridians hunkered down rather than hitting the road.

"We're all going to be OK", Ploghoft said. Schools in the state planned to close Monday.

Miami residents are capturing the ongoing devastation of Hurricane Irma, after the storm swell breached the seawall and flooded massive portions of the city's financial district.

No one noticed until the next morning, when neighbors saw a foot sticking out of the rubble. No injuries have been reported.

- At least 24 deaths have been blamed on Irma in the Caribbean islands, where it hit before barreling toward Florida. He reiterated that citizens need to heed the warnings of local officials either to shelter in place, if directed to do so, or evacuate.

Though Hurricane Irma weakened to a Category 3 storm as it moved over Cuba, it regained strength early Sunday morning, once again becoming a Category 4 hurricane. If you are here, please go to interior room away from windows. One swung vigorously over downtown Miami. Another dangled over the city's Edgewater neighborhood.

"There is no seawall whatsoever", Spuler said. "It's amazing. It's under water".

Antonio Wilson stayed in his 16th-floor condo in Miami, watching the waters rise below.

"You can't survive these storm surges..."

What could be a record number of people who did evacuate - to Atlanta or elsewhere - as South Florida braces for Irma first, before it moves upstate.

- The forecast track for Irma has shifted 15 miles east, the National Hurricane Center said at 11 a.m. ET. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued a mandatory evacuation for some barrier islands, while Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal expanded a state of emergency to include 94 counties. As it can handle about two C-130 planes at a time, the plan is to land two every two hours, keeping a steady flow of goods.

Florida governor Rick Scott called on anyone still in at-risk areas to follow evacuation orders, saying: "This is clearly a life-threatening situation". Britain sent a navy ship and almost 500 troops to the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and the Turks and Caicos islands.