Yeah, Let's Get Rid of Electoral College — Hillary

Yeah, Let's Get Rid of Electoral College — Hillary

Trump returned to using the 'Crooked' modifier in reference to his ex opponent, tweeting: 'Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She's not just going to be passing through and making pleasantries with politicians though - she'll actually talking publicly in London to about her run for president last year and anyone with £45 can go watch.

She also used her platform Wednesday to call our former FBI director James Comey, saying he played a big part in Trump's win.

Trump tweets: "The 'deplorables' came back to haunt Hillary".

"I think it needs to be eliminated", Clinton said of the Electoral College. Bill Austin, the founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative on this issue, was the other keynote speaker, and Barbara Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush, was on the panel as a moderator. "It was hard for me to comfort somebody who was coming to me and saying, 'Oh, I wish I had done more, ' or, 'I'm sorry I didn't vote' because I think this was one of the most consequential elections that we have faced in a long time".

I will take "character flaws" over that Deplorable Hillary any day.

Of course, the Electoral College's role in her defeat is undeniable.

The book currently has 576 ratings that average 4.9 out of five on its Amazon listing as of this time. We did not understand how a reality TV campaign would so dominate the media environment.

Odds on President Donald Trump crossing the pond in 2018...

But Clinton, who has a reputation for deflecting blame for her failures, also said she takes "responsibility for all" her campaign's mistakes.