Samsung In Spotlight Again After Phone Explodes In Man's Pocket

Samsung In Spotlight Again After Phone Explodes In Man's Pocket

A Samsung Galaxy Grand duos phone has reportedly exploded in a man's pocket in Indonesia.

Samsung clarified saying, "From a methodical examination and investigations, we are shocked to finding that the battery used in the gadget device was not manufactured by the Samsung company neither Samsung authorized the company of the third party".

The company hopes to deliver the similar solution in a long term like Face ID system of Apple which is expected to debut soon with the new iPhone X.

The security camera video revealed the man in shock as the phone suddenly sparked and burst into bright blue flames in his shirt pocket.

Since most people don't even know that they were supposed to get the text, most users did not even realize that there was an issue with their device. For starters, and as a point of interest, the smartphone depicted in the video above is more than four years old.

The incident was reported by Channel News Asia. Samsung wants to make things as efficient as possible and wants to utilize the OLED screen itself to illuminate the sensor.

In the video, the guy Yulianto is seen searching for his phone and the phone then burns with an impact. Someone comes to rescue and right away, removes his shirt in order to avoid the further injury on the person.

We sincerely wish for our customer's swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung's genuine or approved batteries for the Samsung products and should not go for the batteries which are coming from the third party. "The advanced S Pen is now paired with the largest screen ever put on a Note, providing users a large canvas to write on", said Director of Information, Communication & Technology for Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr EmmanouilRevmatas.