Harvey Weinstein's wife leaving him over 'unforgivable actions'

Harvey Weinstein's wife leaving him over 'unforgivable actions'

"I have chosen to leave my husband", she said.

That this could happen to an established, male and physically strong actor, proves that it could happen to anyone, and does. Of course, she would have had Secret Service protection and most predators know to avoid targets of equal or greater power, but it seems very strange that no one would have said anything about Weinstein's "open secret". They released a web video recounting the allegations and showing photos of Weinstein with Clinton, Obama and other Democrats. He also said Weinstein and his team are planning to file a lawsuit, with any proceeds being donated to women's organizations. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.

Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, attend the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmys party in 2017.

The actress, who was 22 at the time, says Weinstein had her come up to his room inside a Beverly Hills hotel for a work-related conversation, but ultimately put his hands on her during the meeting while proposing they go into the bedroom of his suite for massages.

She told the BBC the story was scrapped after intense pressure from Weinstein, who was an advertiser at the time.

American film producers Bob Weinstein and his brother Harvey Weinstein of Miramax Films, New York City, 1989.

"The DCCC has already cut the check to donate all old Harvey Weinstein money to Futures Without Violence", DCCC spokeswoman Meredith Kelly said in a statement Tuesday night. She told her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt, who then confronted Weinstein.

Meanwhile, many of Weinstein's former Hollywood and political allies have spoken out against him. Transcripts of investor conference calls at the time show Bannon enthusing about the business opportunities with the Weinsteins. "Georgina will be with Lisa and others kicking my ass to be a better human being and to apologize to people for my bad behavior, to say I'm sorry, and to absolutely mean it".

Weinstein was fired on Sunday from his eponymous company, The Weinstein Company, after The New York Times detailed numerous sexual-harassment allegations against him in a bombshell report. And that's for one main reason: This story will only get worse and drag on - and on and on. I give 10% of my income to charity every year.

"We all knew the story, but you can't back it up until something like this happens", she says, referencing the financial settlements paid to Weinstein's alleged accusers, which were just released to the media this week. "There have been other people who have had allegations against them, but if you're still powerful, it's hard to take them down". I did five or six movies with Harvey.

So all of the Democrats' leaders from the past decade or more have fumbled their crisis response.