Planned Parenthood says $100K donation from Harvey Weinstein 'went unfulfilled'

Planned Parenthood says $100K donation from Harvey Weinstein 'went unfulfilled'

The fall of film mogul Harvey Weinstein has been as quick as it has been dramatic: From the New York Times' explosive report (paywall) on Oct. 5 detailing decades' worth of accusations of sexual harassment, to his firing on Oct. 9 by the board of the company he co-founded, to further news (paywall) the next day of accusations by multiple women (paywall), some of them superstars.

Damon, in an interview to Deadline, said Weinstein had asked him to call Waxman to vouch for Fabrizio Lombardo, who ran Miramax's Italian office, the distribution company for Weinstein, and Damon agreed to call the reporter.

The Wrap founder Sharon Waxman recently accused the New York Times of backing down from a similar story in 2004 due to intense pressure from high-profile people such as Damon and Russell Crowe. In it, she says that she has done several movies with Weinstein and he never harmed her. "Not only has Hollywood normalized Weinstein's abhorrent treatment of women, they enabled it by doing and saying absolutely nothing". Chapman said Tuesday that she plans to divorce Weinstein.

Seydoux said her greatest frustration is that Weinstein was able to get away with his alleged misconduct for years, before The New York Times and the New Yorker published shocking exposés. "Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior". But Hollywood has been run mostly by the same group of middle-aged white men for at least two decades, who have stayed relevant by swapping jobs or forming new companies of their own. Weinstein's attorney, Charles Harder, says he is preparing to sue The Times.

"We know this stuff goes on in the world".

Seydoux did fight back, though, adding that even though Weinstein tried to kiss her more than once, he eventually relented because, as she suspects, he respected her resistance. It appears that both Obama and Clinton hoped to skate past a moment of outrage without alienating a formerly powerful Hollywood ally, which demonstrates just how beholden the entire party has become to the entertainment industry for their cash and star power. They'll have a hell of a time unhitching them, even if they do gain some competence for the effort, and there's not too many other wagons left for their progressive agenda after that. I don't think he's going to want to sit in multiple depositions and everything that comes with a criminal trial. "He's big and fat, so I had to be forceful to resist him".

Lohan has been sharply criticized on social media over the video.