The Latest: Some gains made against California wildfires

The Latest: Some gains made against California wildfires

With winds expected to continue blowing smoke from the fires to populated areas this weekend, many schools decided to close Friday and organizers canceled weekend events, including an Oktoberfest in Walnut Creek and a fitness festival and half marathon in San Francisco. "Since May of last year, the Commission and CalFire have been doing just that through the existing proceeding on fire-threat maps and fire-safety regulations", he said in his veto message.

Washington state officials offered California assistance earlier this week when the fast-moving fires broke out, scorching 265 square miles, killing at least 28 people and destroying at least 3,500 homes and businesses.

A Yakima-based wildfire crew has been dispatched along with other firefighters and equipment that the state is sending to battle fires raging in California's wine country.

Regarding evacuation orders, new orders have come in for parts of the city of Napa, and both Calistoga, Geyserville, and Boyes Hot Springs were evacuated Wednesday evening, the latter which was under a voluntary order.

Entire cities had evacuated in anticipation of the next wave, their streets empty, the only motion coming from ashes falling like snowflakes.

The reward for their efforts were meager, but Desmond managed a smile as he looked at his mug, which bore the phrase "It's wiser to be in Ireland".

But Brown said the bill was unnecessary.

Authorities have confirmed two more deaths, bringing the total to 23.

At least seven people died in the winemaking region of Sonoma, while two died in neighbouring Napa and another was killed in a blaze further north.

He recalled hearing noise outside his home late Sunday, then peering out a window to see people rushing to cars. In the first 90 minutes Sunday night, firefighters were sent to 10 different spots where problems had been reported with the area's electrical infrastructure. You can check your county's website or call your local fire department for that information.

The utility said in that statement that it patrols and inspects its overhead lines annually.

Some remains have been identified using medical devices that turned up in the scorched heaps that were once homes. That means almost all of them are preventable.

The September helicopter inspections flew directly over Santa Rosa and other heavily impacted fire zones, according to the release.

Tens of thousands of people have been driven from their homes by the flames.